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About Us

Kupart is all about fantasy and inspiration. Artist Kumpa Tawornprom has been an innovator of sculpture and design in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area of Florida for over 15 years.


This prolific artist leaves no area untouched and has mastered the art of sculpture and carving in nearly every form. From giant animal sculptures so real they might bite to ethereal beauty coaxed from wood, Kumpa continues to amaze his fans and friends with every new endeavor.


Kumpa focuses now on lifelike foam carved creations and resin mold poured detail work. Larger pieces are carved from foam and assembled before the finishing touches like eyes, wrinkles, scales and paint bring his magical creatures to life.


This Thailand native has a penchant for the darker side of art as well, delighting in his signature gory hair piece collection and Halloween style costumes of all flavors.


Kumpa’s influence on local culture is widespread. His "no problem" slogan has landed him a t-shirt line and his artistic presence is slowly consuming the already art driven community of Safety Harbor. It's hard to walk anywhere there without running into Kumpa’s creations.


Kumpa aspires to work in special effects and has his sights set on major motion picture studios where he can get his hands on top of the line gear and an army of artists to bring the outer-worlds to planet earth.


This generous and warmhearted soul makes friends quickly and offers his help to charities and his friends often. If you would like to contact Kumpa for a booking or consultation, please feel free to send him an email and say hello.

Kumpa Tawornprom

Kumpa Tawornprom

Master Artist/Sculptor

Experience: 15+ years

Styles: high realism / Fantasy ?Scifi

Favorite Locations: FLorida, Thialand

Hand Carved Guitars By Kumpa